Welcome to Abba Independent Learning Center

Abba ILC is for parents who want a safe, fun, and great learning experience for their children. We have put together classes that we feel are exceptional learning opportunities for students. As a veteran homeschooler and a professional public school teacher we have many years of experience in teaching children. We have created and directed many programs. Over time, we have developed a real skill of bringing together an awesome curriculum that attempts to bring these lessons to life by using face to face time, videos, virtual labs, and fun games. We hope that we can give them a better understanding than mere paper and ink can describe.

Our Programs:

After School Tutoring Program - 3:30-4:30 Class and a 4:30-5:30 class.

Home School Program - Home schooled children drop in for classes.

Full-Time Day School Program - Children stay all day from 8:30 - 3:30 Monday - Friday.

Full-Time with Extended Care Program - Children stay all day from 8:30 till 4:30 or 5:30.

Autistic Program: Parents select the times and classes that they would like their child to participate in. We offer Davis therapy, word symbolism, social interaction classes, classes on idioms, and others. These can also be taken during our after school program. We also have a college entry support system.

Teen Dropout Recovery Program: We work with at risk teens to help solve individual, family, school, and community factors that threaten a teens ability to graduate from High School. Instead of getting a GED they can graduate with a diploma from Abba ILC with other homeschool students, from around the community, in May.

Currently in our Abba Seeding Curriculum we offer:





Language Arts





Test Prep

Our goal for the center is that we are able to provide the community with great educational experience in a safe, fun, learning environment. Our intention is to provide unique and interesting learning environment that isn't offered anywhere else. Our hope is to help the families of children provide quality in-depth education in a fun way.

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Abba ILC features a relaxed environment with seasoned teachers offering basic and development courses for elementary through high school aged learners. In addition, Abba ILC offers parents a chance to relax and relieve the stress of worrying about their child’s education knowing that the low teacher to student ratio will give their child more one on one time.

Younger children are welcome to hang out and moms can settle in a rocking chair in our nursery, or get into some serious surfing online at any of the school laptops.

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