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Adult GED Test Prep Program

"The U.S. Census Bureau reported that almost 30 percent of adults over 25 years of age in Houston don't have a high school diploma or a GED. In the workplace this translates directly to lower wages, and less of a chance for promotion. There's obviously a big need in Houston."


GED Test Overview

What are GED tests?
GED tests are internationally recognized and designed to measure academic skills and knowledge in core content areas that are normally learned during 4 years of high school.

The 7.5–hour GED test battery includes the following subject-area tests:

1. Language Arts, Writing

2. Social Studies

3. Science

4. Language Arts, Reading

5. Mathematics

The tests are offered in English and Spanish.

Why take the GED tests?

1. Pursue higher education.

2. Obtain jobs.

3. Get job promotions.

4. Achieve personal goals.

When passed, the test certifies that the student has attained high-school level academic skills. The test is widely accepted by colleges, corporations, and other institutions.

Take the next step in your education

If one of your goals is to earn your GED, we’ll help you achieve it. We offer preparation courses for all five subjects on the GED test. You can take a preparation course that covers all five subjects together, or you can choose courses that concentrate on single subjects.

Take a look at our class packages just click on the picture below.


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