Financial Aid

Sliding-Fee Scale

Abba Independent Learning Centers accepts all students regardless of their financial status. We are not a federally funded education program but we offer a wide range of services to students through the sliding-fee scale.

We offer the sliding-fee scale to all income eligible students based on annual household income for most of our services. Income guidelines and acceptable verification for the sliding-fee scale are as listed below.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at 832-967-8084.

How do I qualify?

If you wish to qualify for the Sliding Fee you MUST show proof of gross annual income for all immediate family members living in your household. Gross income is ALL income from ALL sources before taxes. Applicants should provide a copy of either two consecutive pay stubs, or the previous years income tax return or W-2 form.

Acceptable Income Verification
  • Recent Federal tax return
  • IRS form W-2 or 1099
  • (2) Current paystubs
How do I get started?

To begin the Sliding-Fee application process simply download the appropriate form below and take it with you to your next scheduled visit.

Work-Study Program

Work-Study provides part-time jobs for students, parents or other interested people that would like to help a student with tuition costs.

Here’s a quick overview of the Work-Study Program:

  • It provides part-time employment while you are enrolled in school.
  • It’s available to all students with financial need.
  • It’s available to full-time or part-time students.

What kinds of jobs are there?

The Work-Study Program emphasizes employment on the educational campus or an affiliate, whenever possible.

Are jobs on campus or off campus?

Both. If you work on campus, you’ll usually work for your school. If you work off campus, your employer will usually be a private nonprofit organization, and the work performed must be in the public interest.

Some campuses may have agreements with private for-profit employers for work-study jobs.

If you’re interested in getting a Work-Study job while you’re enrolled in classes, make sure you apply for aid early. People that participate in the Work-Study Program get awarded jobs on a first come, first served basis.

How much can I earn?

You’ll earn at least the current federal minimum wage. However, you may earn more depending on the type of work you do and the skills required for the position.

Your total work-study award depends on:

  • when you apply,
  • your level of financial need, and
  • your school’s funding level.

How will I be paid?

How you’re paid depends partly on whether you’re a student, a parent or another interested party.

  • If you are an student, you're paid by the hour, and these funds will be taken away from your tuition costs.
  • If you are a parent, you're paid by the hour or by salary, depending on the work you do and these funds will be taken away from your child's tuition costs.
  • Abba ILC will deduct from your tuition &/or pay you at least once a month.
  • Abba ILC will use the money to pay for your education-related institutional charges such as tuition, and any class fees or if there is any money left over, pay you directly .

Can I work as many hours as I want?

No. The amount you earn can’t exceed your total Work-Study award. When assigning work hours, your employer or your Abba ILC's financial aid office will consider your class schedule and your academic progress.


Abba ILC has monthly fundraising opportunities to help pay tuition for those who qualify. A portion of a student's tuition may be supplemented up to one fourth of their monthly tuition. Remember all monies go directly to paying teachers, rent, internet service, new equipment, and supplies.

Where does the money go?

Abba Independent Learning Centers are NOT federally funded therefore we must pay all our own bills just like you do at home. At this time teachers are paid $9 per hour which is our biggest expense, after that we pay rent for the rooms, and internet service which runs about $60 a month. Usually there is not enough to pay just these maintenance fees. We have barbeques several times a year and all the food and packaging must be paid up front. We also had to buy a pit, and little things like, a beverage dispenser. Some of our other fundraisers are paid up front as well, like the World's Finest Chocolates. When there is enough we buy mostly art and office supplies. We buy new PE equipment usually at the beginning of the summer. Science equipment is bought whenever a class has a need. We also try to keep the pantry stocked with bread, peanutbutter & jelly, sandwich meat, cheese, and ramen noodles, because we don't want any kid to go hungry. Just in case you are wondering the Executive Director, Delia Weatherly does NOT draw a check. The Director of Patton Village also does not get paid a salary or by the hour. Many of us volunteer some or all of our time, because we have a passion to see the lives of children changed for the better. We invite you to volunteer with us, come and join Abba ILC's Parent/Teacher Membership (PTM). You can come to the business meetings, and be a part of what drives your child's education.


We do accept donations, but since we are not a Non-Profit, we cannot give you a tax deductible receipt. Please help us by donating items such as. Snacks, drinks, pens, pencils, drawing pencils, regular calculators, graphing calculators, highlighters, spiral and composition notebooks, drawing paper, construction paper, painting canvasses, folders, rulers, staples, headphones or ear buds, pencil cases, graphing paper, pencil sharpeners, art erasers, post-it notes, scissors, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, wireless mice, and mouse pads, etc. We also are in need of another microscope and always extra computers. We really appreciate anything that we do not have to buy out of our own pockets.

Bless all of you, and thank you.

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